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    1. ADOWG
      your tank is unreal i remember seeing pics on the build thread when it was like just live rock cycling lolol so cool to see it grown out like that
    2. ADOWG
      My name is Aidan my brother Harry and I are from Walpole MA (literally a mile away from Gillette stadium) and i will do that as soon as I can (probs tomorrow cuz my lights r off right now)
    3. ADOWG
    4. Cpage101
      I have a doser already so that was my plan. Thanks for the info. I am still a newbie by far like I said only 18 months into this adventure lol!

    5. IPWitan
      btw, I researched a CA reactor last night. That guy told me wrong info, which I passed on to you. With a CA reactor, as the corals grow and consume more CA/Alk, you must adjust your reactor. It does not auto correct as the corals grow. Thus, I don't see the big difference between a doser of 2 part and a reactor. One difference is that you may need to fill up your 2 part jugs more often, and mix it up. I guess it is easier to simple fill up the reactor with rocks than to mix up the 2 part. Buying 2 part in bulk is really cheap, though. Maybe another issue is that if you have a heavily stocked SPS tank, then adding 2 part will cause the ph to increase too much; whereas the CA reactor doesn't have that issue. Otherwise, I don't see why people go through the cost. It also seems like everyone who has one has a fish room. Eventually, I think I will go the doser route - perhaps once I finish off my bucket of kalk.


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