FS 115 gallon 7 ft coral frag tank

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by antmit, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. antmit

    antmit Member BRS Member

    115 gallon tank I used for growing corals. It is 83" x 35" x 13.5". Uses two standpipe drains at one end with heavy duty schedule 80 bulkheads.


    $200 tank only. 8' ecotech radion lights available as well. Pick up in natick
  2. Robertos Reef

    Robertos Reef Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Will the stand come with it?
  3. antmit

    antmit Member BRS Member

    Some of it can come with it, but I made it very specifically for my setup so I'm not sure it'll be that useful for anyone else. I need to keep the horizontal braces that are running across my 24 foot sump. This tank doesn't actually need any bracing and can sit on a flat surface with the holes cut out for the bulkheads.
  4. elaminator

    elaminator Non-member

    how much for the light ?
  5. antmit

    antmit Member BRS Member

    $700 for three XR15w G3 Pro with 8ft RMS. I have a new in box XR15W G4 Pro that can go with it for an additional $300.
  6. antmit

    antmit Member BRS Member

    Bump, tank has been drained

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