FS 115 gallon 7 ft coral frag tank

115 gallon tank I used for growing corals. It is 83" x 35" x 13.5". Uses two standpipe drains at one end with heavy duty schedule 80 bulkheads.

$200 tank only. 8' ecotech radion lights available as well. Pick up in natick
Some of it can come with it, but I made it very specifically for my setup so I'm not sure it'll be that useful for anyone else. I need to keep the horizontal braces that are running across my 24 foot sump. This tank doesn't actually need any bracing and can sit on a flat surface with the holes cut out for the bulkheads.
Three of the radions sold last night
here's what's left

$80 8ft ecotech radion rms rail with arms
$150 coral tank with plumbing for drains
$300 new in box xr15w pro g4 (it was a warranty replacement for a xr15w g3 pro that failed)