FS Getting Out

I love this hobby but I will not be able to bring this tank with me to college in California, I also have no trust that anything will survive if I leave it to the family.
10 gallon reef tank
- aqua clear 30
- brand new aqueon pro heater (100 watt)
- current USA orbit marine led light w controller
- unopened poly filter pad 3 pack (bought recently for 20 bucks)
- lightly used bag of reef salt (50 gallons)
- pair of designer juvenile ocellaris clowns
- yellow watchman juvenile
- wana (black spiny urchin)
- live rock and sand
- plate coral
-long tentacle plate (some parts just recently died probably because I haven’t done a water change in a while)
- green hairy mushroom
- other mushroom (not quite sure what it is)
- 2 leathers (closed up in the pic)

I would really prefer to sell this all at once. $300
Text me @ 781-689-6182



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If anyone gets the livestock and doesn't want the yellow goby, I am planning on ordering one in the next week and would love to give this one a new home... lmk thanks
Lowered the price to $100 for all livestock and rock, the long tentacle plate receded a bit more, should start to do better in a more established tank.