Greg hillers aqua delight

Discussion in 'Reef Talk' started by Jeff.:P, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. gwdemos

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    I have this piece, as it was sold to me as ghad by a hobbyist in CT. Bought as 1” frag 3 years ago now colony is 7”x5”. Can frag anytime and will have frags for sale at FFM in March

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  2. dreadnaught92

    dreadnaught92 Non-member

    Those shots always rub me the the wrong way.
  3. andyvalk

    andyvalk Well-Known Member BRS Member

    I'd ask the people here saying stuff about Jason Fox if they have ever actually seen his corals in person. I wouldn't be shocked if there was photo editing, but I have seen hundreds of his corals in person and nearly all of them look as good as they do in photos. In fact, I own a few of them. Now getting them to keep their color is another issue altogether, but when you buy them they look as good as the pictures.

    The biggest criticism I have of Jason is that he can be real cagey about his husbandry techniques and his lighting, etc. Although he does seem to be opening up more about this.

    Anyway, of the few pieces I bought from him, a couple still look fantastic, one has struggling color (my fault), and one died - also my fault.
  4. dz6t

    dz6t Acro Garden, BRS Sponsor BRS Member

    The original link was another coral mis-identified as Greg's aquadelight, that coral was removed from his web site already. But that coral is real, it was like a red planet with blue tips.
  5. dz6t

    dz6t Acro Garden, BRS Sponsor BRS Member

    His lighting technique is use all ATI blue plus for the entire lighting period. But there are two hours of day light in the middle. I am not sure if he use t-5 for day light or metal halide for day light.
  6. andyvalk

    andyvalk Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Hey Dong. He told me in person that he uses ATI Blue Plus and the Reefbrite LEDs that conveniently attach to the ATI fixtures. But he was cagey about the photoperiod, whether he used any whites, his water parameters, feeding (although he did say he likes Larry's), etc. This was also regarding LPS, so I am not sure if he does something different for SPS.

    But my main point stands, that people calling him out for unrealistic looking photos are flat out wrong. I am sure most of these people have never seen his corals in person. Yes, his stuff is expensive, but he also is putting out stuff that nobody else has. The hobbyists should be thanking him rather than denigrating him. All that expensive stuff will eventually get cheap, and more hobbyists can have it. I remember when Xenia was you can't give it away.
  7. dz6t

    dz6t Acro Garden, BRS Sponsor BRS Member

    Yes the reefbrite, I forgot about that one.

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  8. dreadnaught92

    dreadnaught92 Non-member

    I mean how off do they look from the pics online?
  9. andyvalk

    andyvalk Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Like I said previously, of the ones that I have seen (hundreds), nearly 100% of them look just as good in person - and the same as in the photos.
  10. andyvalk

    andyvalk Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Jason Fox is going to be at the Frag Farmer's market for anyone that wants to educate themselves and speak from an actual position of knowledge.

    As a matter of fact, when I saw him there last year, I hung around his display for quite awhile. One thing I heard over and over was along the lines of, "wow, man, you are one of the few people that sells corals that actually looks like the pictures online."

    Don't slander someone's business when you have zero clue.

    (This comment is directed at anyone that is talking with zero first-hand knowledge)
  11. Matt W

    Matt W Chemist BRS Member

    Reefbuilders had a tour video recently

  12. Greg Hiller

    Greg Hiller BRS Moderator Staff Member Moderator BRS Member

    So, it sounds like it's true, some, maybe all of some of these guys have photos that look like the corals really do. Except if I put that type of lighting on any of my tanks and looked in the tank for more than 5 minutes I'd start to get a massive headache from the Disney Electric Light parade effect! :)

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