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Dave H

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I found this today in a fairly new tank but I can't see it good enough to tell what it is. I'm back in the hobby after a 25 year hiatus is it good bad or indifferent


Chris A.

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That’s a nudibranch, good or bad one don’t know unless u get a better picture.
Take it out into a container and snap a picture. I wouldn’t risk having it in my tank by accident
def. Nudibranch. as earlier people posted, impossible to tell you good/bad without clearer picture.

Now; Nudibranches come in thousands of varieties, each of which pretty much has their own diet.
- There are Berghia Nudibranches, they eat aiptasia, they're the good guys!
- There are Zoanthid eating Nudibranches. Bad guys
- There are Acro eating Nudibranches. Bad guys
- etc..

I would assume bad guy, to be safe.. and if you have had issues with Zoanthids lately, here's your culprit.



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Are you talking about that bright white thing? On the post is says that’s just a white thing on the glass? Because I think that’s what everyone is referring to as a nudibranch. Just trying to make sure.


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A few of my zoanthids have been closed recently, and Tuesday I took a good hard look around the zoas and found not one but two of these guys. Hopefully you grabbed him before he moved out of sight.

Here's a pic of one of the two I took out of the tank