FS Iodide supplement available, $5 for 200mL


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Since I am using it, I want to make this solution available inexpensively to the club.
Made from 99.98% pure iodide. I use the highest purity reagent I can buy.
Available in 200 mL solution for $5.
1. Dose 1 mL per 10 gallon of tank volume.
2. You can dose once every two to three days. Even if you dose once a week, it is better than no dose. As iodide get depleted quickly.
3. Do not over dose
4. Solution is stable at room temperature. Keep it in a cool and dark place.
5. Do not use this iodide supplement if you are running ozone, or dosing hydrogen peroxide.

Pickup in Concord MA 01742
Pickup only, sorry no shipping