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The Marketplace forums are a great place to buy, sell and trade reef livestock and gear. These rules & guidelines help assure that it stays that way!

First, the rules:
  • You must be a BRS member in good standing in order to sell or trade items on the forum. Membership costs $20 per year and provides other benefits as well. Click here to join!

  • All listings must include a price.

  • These forums are not meant to be a storefront. If we determine that you are using the forums as a storefront we will require that you upgrade to a Sponsor level membership.

  • You may have no more than 3 simultaneous For Sale posts

  • The vast majority of transactions go off without a hitch but occasionally there are disputes. BRS will NOT help to resolve these disputes. Read more about this policy here.
Now the guidelines:
  • It really helps potential buyers if you include your location prominently in your post. Even better if you include it in the title of the post.

  • Once you've sold an item, you should change the FS or WTT prefix on your post to Sold or Gone. If it was a Free item you can change the prefix to Gone. Here's a tutorial on how to do that.
Check back often - this is just a start and this document is sure to get longer :p
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