New to Salt and Reef keeping BRS, and getting overwhelmed LOL

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mustangtjb, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. mustangtjb

    mustangtjb Non-member

    Hello All,

    I feel like a noob all over again. So a bit about me, I've kept freshwater AQ's for quite some time and after my last fresh tear down I took a break. I had the tank for about 10 years and ran into some leakage and algae under the silicon seals. Decided to take a break in general.

    Fast forward. I missed the hobby and all that it brings (good and bad) but generally just the ability to chill in front of a nice clean tank and watch the fish do their thing. SO I decide to up my game (as I've always wanted to do) and go salt life !! you know.... put my big boy pants on. I got a xmas gift/kit from Bulk Reef Supply. 20 gallon Innovative Marine. To save some $$ I'm reusing my old stand , gave it a fresh coat of paint to clean it up. Looks great.

    I'm just about ready to put it in place and start cycling. I found Love the Reef in Wilmington seems to be the nearest shop. (I'm in Wakefield, MA). Anyway a long winded intro for sure. Looking forward to getting the lionfish in with the Clownfish and see who wins ;) (kidding).

    My first question would be is there a beginner section or general new tank do's and don'ts (aside from the obvious adding 10 fish at a time, never doing a water change, overfeeding etc). If yes could someone please point me in the right direction for resources it would be appreciated. Also I've read on the site about meeting, where would I find that information?

    Thanks for now,

    P.S. I'm also not super up on forum etiquette. I'll always be respectful just not might be the best at protocol.
  2. afboundguy

    afboundguy Acan's are inedible candy Moderator BRS Member

    There are no stickies for do's and don'ts just take it slow with the cycle and adding fish and corals and ask a bunch of questions or search the forums. Good luck you might want to seal your bank account so you don't go broke like the rest of us!!!
  3. aresangel

    aresangel Well-Known Member Officer BRS Member

    Welcome! The salt bug is fun. Fish are prettier and more action than fresh water imo. I moved to salt because once a fresh tank was stocked it was just feed and clean. With salt now I can add corals and that keeps me on my toes!

    Any plans on doing corals or just mostly fish only with live rock? The corals aspect is a whole new (and expensive game) that got me addicted. The Do's and Don'ts are so dependant on your set up that is is hard to give that generalized advice and not accidentally give wrong advice. The best thing to do is a quick search in the top search bar for either your tank or question and you will see what was asked before. Otherwise create a forum and we will be sure to help!

    As far as meetings we do not have one this month but will be running one in Taunton February, Framingham in March (this is our auction meeting so get your tank started by then to stock it for cheap corals and equipment) then April meeting will be in Leominster.

    Again Welcome! and ask away!
  4. Bao

    Bao Well-Known Member BRS Member

    20 gallons quite small, so you won't be able to put large fishes in it.
    Don't put too much sand or large piece of rocks into that tank. Real estate is quite precious, so leave space for the fishes and corals.
    Be careful with Hang on the Back skimmer (If you decided to get one), those things can overflow very easily and ruin your floor.
    I think you need to decide on which fishes to keep and what kind of reef this tank will be? (softies, zoa, LPS, or SPS). This way you can buy light and powerhead that would fit your coral's needs.
  5. Katone

    Katone New Member BRS Member

    For your reading pleasure.
    Also, I know it's a haul from Wakefield, but Tropic Isle in Framingham has some nice livestock.
    Good luck with your tank!
  6. mustangtjb

    mustangtjb Non-member

    Thanks to all for the info and welcome !!! Plenty of work to do !!! LOL
  7. madducks42

    madducks42 Resident Nihilist BRS Member

    I would be cautious about buying anything from Tropic Isle. While they have a lot of livestock they're not always in the best health and only a couple people on staff actually have any real knowledge about reefing. The rest just want to sell you stuff even if it's a bad fit for your tank. I've been to Love The Reef and their coral selection is outstanding, they don't have quite as many fish as Tropic Isle but still have a pretty good selection and you can always ask them to order something specific for you.

    The most important things in reefing are patience and research. I'm pretty good at the research part, the patience part is tough, lol. Welcome to BRS!
  8. mustangtjb

    mustangtjb Non-member

    Sorry. aresangel hoping to do both but understanding it is a small tank I'm reading/hearing I need to be pretty selective I'm CRAZY looking forward to getting started. Hoping to post some basic pics of the build. Thx again all.
  9. Beauregm

    Beauregm Non-member

    similar to mustang I'm just getting started as well and just trying to read and learn as much as I can. My question is does anyone know a reputable store in north central mass preferably in Leominster\Worcester area to get advice, coral, fish, equipment at?
  10. aresangel

    aresangel Well-Known Member Officer BRS Member

    I am in Leominster, I use the Fish Nook in Acton for fish. I have had nothing but great success from them for my fish. Petco in Leominster is a dice roll on how much ich you get not if you get it. I get all my equipment from members on this message board.

    Coral- members and our sponsors.

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  11. Beauregm

    Beauregm Non-member

    Thanks for the pointers angel much appreciated as I would've gone to Petco
  12. aresangel

    aresangel Well-Known Member Officer BRS Member

    Fish from there causes my two crashes I had. So I am done gambling with my money. I would rather give more to a small business that sells healthy fish for sure!

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  13. Bendint

    Bendint Nothing good happens fast Officer BRS Member

    Getting going can always be the hardest and most interesting part but there are no dumb questions so If you have Any questions or concerns feel free to pm me or text me 8572669404

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  14. Zirky

    Zirky Non-member

    I'm only 2 years in and have only learned enough to occasionally forget that I don't know anything. That being said I've so far upgraded everything but my tank. Way more expensive than buying equipment that Was up to the evolution of the obsession.
  15. mustangtjb

    mustangtjb Non-member

    Hey all,

    So as I think I mentioned I bought a package/kit Innovative Marine from Bulk Reef Supply to get up and running. The tank is a 20 gal with a I guess a mini sump on the back with 5 chambers. SO I'm all set to start adding water to the tank tonight from LOVE THE REEF !! (they rock) and when giving the entire tank a final once over I noticed a chamber on the rear where the silicon looked a bit suspect. So I ran some water in it. Sure enough it started to drip (about a drip every 30 seconds).

    There are 5 chambers on the back. If I understand the flo correctly the water filters into the first two chambers on each side then overflows into the second chambers not 100% sure why at this point (thinking nano protein skimmer or some type of media in either of these two chambers) then finally into the pump chamber then back into the tank.

    I'm not sure since chambers (call it 2 and 4, left to right) ultimately flow into the pump chamber that's it's truly a problem but as you all know I paid a chunk for the kit and I trying to make sure it functions correctly. I'm likely going to test the main section of the tank as well so see what else I find.

    I'm highly inclined to send it back just super disappointed at this juncture. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


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  16. Chris A.

    Chris A. Formally toomanyfish BRS Member

    Is that leak inside the rear chambers?
    If so it’s really not a big deal. If it’s leaking out of the tank send it back
  17. aresangel

    aresangel Well-Known Member Officer BRS Member

    I would agree with Chris. If the leak is in the sump or chambers section that slow drip will not make a difference in the filtration or in the future resale value for that matter. But if the main edge seams are leaking return it.

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