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I'm selling the parts of my old 36g system and all the unused parts of my recent build. Most items are shown in one of my build threads. http://www.bostonreefers.org/forums/index.php?threads/evolution-of-the-36g-retro-build.158299/ and http://www.bostonreefers.org/forums/index.php?threads/long-slow-100-gallon-build.157718/

36g Acrylic Bowfront with herbie drilled in back overflow. It has some crazing that should be buffed out. $35
Antique stand: $40

Hydor Smartwave: SOLD
2 x Hydor Koralia 850: SOLD

Reef Octopus BH-50 Skimmer: SOLD
Rio 1400 Pump (420 gph): SOLD
Plumbing (1/2" -3/4" black vinyl tubing, ball valve, other parts): $5

Maxspect Razor 180w 27": Sold
Current Marine 24-36": SOLD
WavePoint Micropoint Refugium Light 6" : $30

Other stuff:
BRS Dual Reactor for SOLD
5 gal glass ATO Jug for $20
1 gal glass ATO Jug for $5
~50lbs of live rock (currently in a bin with the rio pump circulating): $100 ($2/lb)
NYOS Reef cement 500ml almost full: $10
Aquaforest Zeo Mix 1000ml unused/full: $5

A few buckets of dry sand, and live rock rubble: $10
There is plenty of other useful stuff laying around incl. 1/2" - 1" plumbing parts. 1" black pvc,

In Dorchester
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The powerheads, smartwave controller, and some rock are sold. Still plenty of very nice live rock (still over 50lbs) and the other items still available.