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Thread: how long can be the salt water mix in the container?

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    Default how long can be the salt water mix in the container?

    please waiting for answer, thanks...

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    i mix mine over night then use it the next day.u can mix it for as long as u want but there will be some evaporation so u have to check your salinity before use.

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    I mix my salt once a month.

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    I have kept mine in the bucket for almost a week, but you will get evaporation as well as a brown clay like sediment on the sides and bottom of the bucket. You should keep a powerhead and heater running for best results. Also, if your bucket is not food safe, the longer the water is in there the more phosphates, etc. will leach from the plastic. As letoan said, some people mix a big batch and use it all month long. If you store it properly, I don't think it goes bad.
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    At least for a week

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    Default salt mix

    Fresh Saltwater will not change its composition no matter how long it sits(as long as it is not contaminated). The water will contain less oxygen the longer it sits so it just needs to be ariated before placing it in the aquarium. Restest salinity to make sure water has not evaporated and increased salinity. I like to add a little buffer/ aragamilk to water that has been sitting that long (more than a weeek)before adding to tank to make sure Calcium and ph are corrected.

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    I run a k3 in a brute can 24/7 and always have saltwater in it.....currently my brute has been full running with lid on it for a month....I only use a heater if I am doing a big change and heat it up the night before...otherwise I change out 5 gallons here and there and just add the cold saltwater to my system without an issues

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