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Thread: Hippo tang growth rate

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    Default Hippo tang growth rate

    I bought tiny hippo tang few months ago and it's growing very fast. he was only 1-1.5" when i got it and he is around 3-4" right now. I think it's normal but :
    -> Does he continue to grow at this rate or it will slow down?
    -> At what length he will slow down in terms of growth?
    -> How big do they get?
    -> How long do they normally live?

    I feed him flakes, fish goo with nori and other cool stuff. I have to say that he eats more meat then veggie. He will eat nori from fish goo but won't eat nori sheet from clip. I haven't try putting nori on rock. I think that might work. I have 115G, 4ft long tank.

    -> DO i have to be concern if he eats more meat then veggie? i know they are harbivour (sp..??)
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    I've read that the 1st 6 months they can grow very quickly. But I'm not sure how you determine the "1st 6 months"
    I've had one for a month or so in a 125g & he doesn't seem to be growing very fast - but hard to tell
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    When I gave my brother my hippo, it was about 3" in less than a yr, it is about 6". I think they grow to 8" or so in captive tanks like ours depending on tank'll know if a couple of yrs.

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    Pallette tangs grow very, very fast, and from all the information I have gathered, their growth rate will not be hindered by the size of the tank. Pallette tangs can get very large on a captive diet, reaching about 8 or 9 inches as wrassefan pointed out.

    Moreover, as they begin to outgrow their tank, they will become increasingly stressed by the lack of swimming room. For me, this was the saddest part of making the mistake of buying one.

    I, too, bought a tiny baby for my 55gal. He was only an inch or two long. After two years, he was 6-in., and I was hurrying to set the 90gal up so he could have more room. He eventually died of stress during the move, and I think the stress of being in too small of a tank contributed to his demise. I'll never know for certain, but I suspect being housed in too small of a atnk contributed to that,


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    I got my Hippo about 6 months ago. He was about the size of a quarter then, now he's about the size of a half dollar. He seems to have filled oput more than anything...he is a pudge! He is one of the main reasons I'm thinking of upgrading to a 210.....
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    Thanks guys for replies

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