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If you are not already a member of the Boston Reefers Society and would like to join, click the button below to go upgrade your account. Membership is $30 per year. You will need to pay through PayPal.

If you are already a member, the Upgrade Account page will show you when your membership expires.

Benefits of membership:
  • Posting items for sale in the Marketplace forum
  • Access to Club Equipment (PAR meter, fish traps etc)
  • Participation in our photo and grow-out contests
  • Eligibility to vote for Board of Directors
  • The warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the community aspect of our hobby which can get lost in Facebook or larger national forums :)
Note: Your account should be upgraded immediately upon payment. If a minute or two goes by and the upgrade hasn't occurred, it means there's a problem on our end. In that case, please send a message to @BiGGiePauls33 letting him know.

Boston Reefers Society Mission Statement

Meet the Officers and Moderators

Marketplace Rules and Guidelines
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