Announcement Official December Captain America Paly Growout Contest Thread

Discussion in 'Reef Talk' started by jamesdong009, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. ADOWG

    ADOWG Active Member Officer BRS Member

    Unfortunately my palys didn’t take to kindly to the frag discs, and are now gone with the wind. I was hoping that they would reattach, but they recently passed ;(
  2. madducks42

    madducks42 Resident Nihilist BRS Member

    No signs of any new polyps, the two baby ones are growing fast though!

  3. mpsteve

    mpsteve Sps connoisseur Moderator Officer BRS Member

    So my paly is sprouting new heads like crazy


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  4. Chris A.

    Chris A. Formally toomanyfish BRS Member

    Here’s my update
    Has a few more sprouts maybe 4 total not positive

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