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    by Published on 10-07-2014 12:40 PM

    Boston Reefers Meetings are open to all Paid, non-paid and prospective members(family friendly environment)

    The next meeting of the Boston Reefers' Society will be: on Sunday, October 19th, 2014 noon to 5:00pm NO PATRIOTS FOOTBALL THIS DAY!

    The location is: Framingham Elks 450 Union Avenue, Framingham, MA

    Rhett Talbot-Sustainability of the Hobby

    Meeting schedule:

    **All topics and times subject to change at any time**

    12:00-Socializing/Membership Registration/Greeting
    12:15-Newbie Class Presented by our own Past President Moe Kirby (click here to be brought to the newbie class thread)
    1:15-Break for lunch
    1:30-Ret Talbot-Sustainability of the Hobby
    3:00-Fish Goo
    3:45-Frag Trading/Socializing

    Water Testing-see details below-(Link for Water Testing)

    Fish Goo Sign Up-(Link to sign up for fish goo)

    Meeting Sponsors - Boston Reefers own Membership-Donate a frag to the raffle and you can set up a tank for free. (Aquaculturist/Frag Farmers-NON BUSINESS ONLY)

    Yard Sale Tables for $20.00 or equivalent+ donation to the raffle table.

    There will be the usual frag swap at the end of the meeting. A frag swap thread will be posted separate in "Reef Talk" for those members wishing to trade frags.

    There will be many great raffle prizes offered up to support the club by our sponsors and members. Items will be posted as we get closer to the meeting date.


    Ret Talbot's - Bio

    Ret Talbot is an award-winning freelance writer and photographer who frequently covers fisheries at the intersection of science and sustainability. He is best known for his data-centered, investigative pieces in publications like Discover Magazine and CORAL Magazine. His multi-part series on sustainability and the aquarium trade in CORAL, as well as his book Banggai Cardinalfish (Reef to Rainforest Media 2013), has brought attention to the socio-economic and environmental benefits of a sustainable aquarium trade, as well as the need for comprehensive aquarium trade reform. He has authored hundreds of articles on the aquarium trade, and he is author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Saltwater Aquariums (Alpha 2009). Most recently, he has been covering the Endangered Species Act listings and proposed listings of popular aquarium animals, and his talk will be a sneak peek at his upcoming feature article in the Nov/Dec issue of CORAL Magazine. He lives in coastal Maine, where he blogs regularly at his own Good Catch Blog (

    Ret's Talk will include:

    Two of the most popular aquarium fishes are now under status review for Endangered Species Act (ESA) listing, and 20 coral coral species, including several popular aquarium corals, were recently listed as threatened. What does this mean for the aquarium hobby and trade in the United States? There is a lot of heated rhetoric and hyperbole that makes it difficult to answer this question accurately. Is this an all-or-nothing fight that will either result in preserving an unchanged hobby or ending it altogether? Or is this a situation where collaboration and compromise could yield an even stronger aquarium hobby better aligned with reef conservation goals and with a more certain future? Ret will share his experiences traveling in source countries, interviewing people on all sides of the issue and parsing trade data. He will take you inside the aquarium trade and the ESA and give you the information you need to make an informed critical decision about the future of the marine aquarium hobby.

    Added Special Treat:


    Karen Talbot will also be on hand to share some of her scientific illustrations of reef fishes. A limited number of prints will be available for sale at the event, but if there a specific print you want, please email her at so she can be sure to bring it with her. Her work can be seen at

    Karen Talbot is an award-winning conservation artist known primarily for her lifelike, fine art paintings and scientific illustrations of fishes, birds and botanicals. Splitting her time between the rocky coast and brook trout streams of midcoast Maine and the mountains of western Wyoming, Karen takes her inspiration from oceans, streams, canyons, and mountains where she regularly dives, fishes and climbs. An ardent conservationist, she aims to educate through her art, and she donates a percentage of sales to help conserve wildlands (and waters) that inspire her. Karen works in a variety of media, including watercolor, pen & ink and acrylic. Collected by anglers, divers, birders, scientists, and anyone passionate about the beauty of the natural world, Karen's artwork can be found worldwide at art shows, galleries, retail stores, restaurants, trade shows, and fishing tournaments, as well as in books, magazines, hotels, and clients’ homes.

    Ret Talbot

    Have you subscribed to the Good Catch Blog yet?
    "[A]n unflinching portrait of the seafood industry" | "Ret catches the grit beyond the shine, the drift beyond the waves." | " Asking tough questions and holding rhetoric to the fire, this commentator adds a level of passion and personal insight much appreciated in the community of seafood." | A Fisheriescentric Blog by Ret Talbot
    by Published on 07-31-2014 11:04 AM

    BRS Official Meeting 'Evolving' Calendar for 2014

    Meetings are open to all paid, non-paid and prospective members. (family friendly environment)

    This is the evolving BRS calendar for 2014. While we are working out the details for some of the speakers later in the year our calendar will be influx. Keep a close eye on it as we will be updating it frequently. We are TRYING to lay out the meeting schedule far in advance. This is to give the membership ample time to plan for the meetings that they would like to attend this year.

    January 19th (Sunday) - Noon-4 PM - VFW Oxford, MA-DIY Fragging Demo meeting info (Meeting Sponsor) (link to detailed meeting information)

    February 8th (Saturday) - Noon-4 PM - Newburyport Elks - Warren Gibbons from Ocean Explorium "Reef Keeping Disasters and how to Prevent Them" (Yard Sale tables available)
    (link to meeting details)

    March 9th (Sunday) - Noon-4 PM - VFW Taunton - Christine Williams - "Recognize and treating fish illnesses" - Underwater World will be our meeting sponsor, along with 2014 Official Growout Competition

    April 5th (Saturday) - 11am - 4pm - Framingham Elks - BRS AUCTION - (NO FRAG TRADING OR SALES) (link to meeting details)

    May 4th (Sunday) - Noon - 4pm - Noon-4 PM - Oxford VFW Oxford, MA - Craig Bingham - "Todays state-of-the-art in reefkeeping: analysis and discussion of survey results" (link to meeting details)

    June 7th (Saturday)-Noon - 4pm - Noon-4 PM - Newburyport Elks - BBQ/HORSE SHOES (Meeting Sponsor-Frag Freaks)
    (link to meeting details)

    Everything below this line needs to be edited and corrected

    Feel free to post informal get togthers (click on link)

    July - No Meeting

    Aug - No Meeting

    September 14th (Sunday) - 11am - 4pm - Salem Elks 39 Shadow Lake Rd, Salem, NH - Marc Levenson - Meeting Sponsor; Aqua Addicts and Jays Aquatics

    October 19th - (Sunday) - 12pm - 5pm - Framingham Elks -

    November 15th (Saturday) - Noon-4 PM - VFW Taunton - Gary Parr - Photography- Meeting Sponsor; Love The Reef - Official Grow Out Contest

    December 6th (Saturday)- 2015 Elections Framingham Elks (must be held before Dec 15th per BRS By-Laws)

    by Published on 04-20-2014 10:39 AM

    Lets give a nice welcoming for our new sponsor Affordable Aquatics

    Thank you for supporting the Boston Reef Society
    by Published on 02-09-2014 07:29 PM

    Hello, I trust that everyone is doing well this sunny afternoon.

    Attached you will find the January to May 2014 BRS Newsletter.

    I would like to thank everyone that took time to write up pieces on their reefing experiences or knowledge.

    Included is a list of the clubs forum and banner sponsors as well.

    On top of our monthly calendar and yearly auction.

    Stay warm and see you all sooner rather than later. ***Tomorrow is Meeting Day***

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