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    Possible but unlikely I think. Tanks have the bird on a wire effect being a glass box on a wooden stand if they are not using a ground probe. Inhabitants

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    how about stray voltage from a heater, pumps etc.

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    Getting back into it.

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    You also want a skimmer that meets your water level in the sump and not hit the top of your tank, if raised. Of course, your set up may influence whether

    Skimmer recommendations

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    I've often preferred the Hikari brand of frozen food (the blisterpaks) and was wondering whether anyone had seen it carried at any Boston or Boston area

    Hikari Frozen Food

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    Sro 3000 on my 300 gals. Can't go wrong with bubble blaster pumps, longest warranty. Love my auto neck cleaner. Been running like a champ for almost 3

    Skimmer recommendations

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    When it comes to skimmers you want easy to take apart and clean, quiet and one that is easy to tune. I have an Sro 5000 and feel like I could have gone

    Skimmer recommendations

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    Is is bad that I could spend hours looking at your sump. Everything is so clean and organized.

    Pictures of 40 breeder

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    Welcome back!! Make sure if you have equipment questions for the new set up to ask. Usually there is someone who has tried it before you buy so you

    Getting back into it.

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    +1 to the Eshopps 200 Cone skimmer. Have had one for over a year and it is still working like its brands new.

    Skimmer recommendations

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