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Current BRS President
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Screen Name - @BiGGiePauls33

Current BRS Position - President

Real Name - Paul

Why I chose my screen name - Years ago a friend and roommate gave me this name and it has since stuck. Probably has something to do with my 6'5" big guy stature.

Current Tank Specs - 100 Gallon Cadlights Artisan II 48x24x20 Display Tank, 80 Gallon Deep Blue Frag/Xtra Water Volume. Both connected by a Trigger Systems 34 Gallon Sump, Reef Octopus Elite 200 skimmer, GHL Profilux P4 controller, GHL Doser, Geo CaRx, Carbon Doser, Kamoer Fx-stp Doser for CaRx, 48" 8 bulb ATI Sunpower and 48" Reef Brite XHO

Link to Build Thread -

Area of Strength in the hobby - Helping with the day to day operations of this club and website. Always try to remain teachable. Hopefully, growing epic SPS in the future.

Years in the hobby - Joined this club way back in 2004 under a different screen name as I was just starting off in saltwater. Had freshwater tanks as a kid years prior.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reef keeping - Probably playing video games, I'm a sucker for grinding GTA V and Battlefield 2042 currently.

Current Tank Photo -
PXL_20221231_182245573 (1).jpg
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2023 BRS Vice President
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Screen Name - @Cpage101

Current BRS Position - Vice President

Real Name - Corey

Why I chose my screen name - (cpage101) I have had this screen name since the early days of AOL. I use this for all my accounts so I only have to remember 1 screen name.

Current Tank Specs - 120 Gallon All-Glass aquarium 48” x 24” x 24” I run 48” photon v2+ led with aquatic life T5 hybrid with (3) ATI blue + and (1) ATI coral+. (2) gyre 330’s and (1) ecotec MP40. adding (2) more MP40’s soon. The heart of the system is monitored by many neptune apex items. I run Trigger sapphire 34 sump with Deltec xi1000 skimmer.

Link to Build Thread -

Area of Strength in the hobby - Not sure if I have a real strength but I am very detailed and a little ocd to get to the bottom of issues. I do a lot of research and will not give recommendations if I have never done it, encountered it myself or owned the specific piece of equipment.

Years in the hobby - 10 years- I Joined this club in 2013. I never had an aquarium before. I jumped in feet fist with a solid 2 weeks or research (not google!) my first build was a 55g saltwater system. I then did a build of a 40G breeder before doing a tank transfer of them both to my current 120G system in 2017 I did have my share of ups and down as all reefers do, but in my short 10 years I have learned what I feel like a lifetime of information and still learn everyday.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping -I enjoy other hobbies such as Mtn. biking, hiking, and building things I wish were already made.

Current Tank Photo - 12/22/22 :) :p getting a little crowded in there.

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Screen Name - @scavdog

Current BRS Position - Vice President of Public Relations

Real Name - Joe


Why I chose my screen name - (Scavdog) This name stretches wayyy back to the early days of Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Over the years it just stuck.

Current Tank Specs - 60 Gallon Custom Starfire Cube (24"x24"x24") tied into a 250 gallon sump and a 60 gallon frag tank.

Link to Build Thread -

Area of Strength in the hobby -
I've been doing this for years. I have strength in maintaining the attitude that I will always have something to learn.

Years in the hobby - 20. I started in freshwater in the late 90's after college. I jumped into reefkeeping in 2001. Around the same time I connected with @MoeK (George Washington of the BRS) on . By 2001 we were meeting up in parking lots and restaurants to trade frags with an ever-growing group of people. By early 2002 I had the honor of co-founding the Boston Reefers Society with a handful of the coolest hobbyists (in my humble opinion) in the area. I served as VP of PR from 2002-2004 and President from 2005-2007. I also served on MASNA board for 3 consecutive years.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping - Family time, Cooking, Mountain Biking, Skiing/Riding, Kayaking and anything outdoors.

Current Tank Photo - 11/23/2020

Mixed Reefer

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Screen Name - Mixed Reefer

Current BRS Position - BOD

Real Name - Doug

Why I chose my screen name - When I was researching and getting ready to dive into my first aquarium the mixed reef tank was my dream tank. When prompted to choose a screen name it was the first that came to mind.
Current Tank Specs -
Red Sea 425xl
two MP40 and Two MP10
Reef Octopus 200 Skimmer
Aquatic Life T5 fixture with 2each Blue Plus and 2 each actinic bulbs
Clear Water 100 Algae Scrubber
Neptune Apex Controller
4 each EcoTech Marine Radion XR15 G5 pro
Tunze Osmolator ATO
GFO and Carbon Reactor
Varios 6 DC pump
Link to Build Thread- n/a
Area of Strength in the hobby -I'm new to REEFING but I am full of passion. I love a challenge and will figure just about anything out. Area of strength would be that I love to help others and want to share my passion!
Years in the hobby - One year two months :rolleyes:
Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping -
I'm addicted to Remote Control Helicopters, so if its a nice day I'm probably out flying. I also enjoy my dogs and hiking.

Current Tank Photo - 1/21/2021
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Acan's are inedible candy
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Screen Name - @afboundguy

Current BRS Position - 2022 BOD Treasurer, Moderator and "assistant" site administrator

Real Name - Dave

Why I chose my screen name - no I am not an Abercrombie and Fitch fashionista I was actually supposed to join the Air Force after college but that never ended up happening so I was an Air Force bound guy. I just kept it as it stuck and I didn't want to change a bunch of screen names :cool:

Current Tank Specs - 25'ish cube with 3'ish HOB fuge with a coralbox moon LED light

Link to Build Thread -

Area of Strength in the hobby - I just know everything about everything! NOT!!! I'm always learning and just know a lot about about a lot and if I don't know I ask someone who knows more than me and I'm afraid to admit I don't know!

Years in the hobby - Not sure but it's been probably 20+ years. Started when I was in Junior HS waaaaayyyy back in the day so crap it's probably been 25+ years now man do I feel old...

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping - Hanging out with my dogs and afboundguy's better 1/2 and I'm just starting to pick back up model railroading that I used to do when I was a kid with my dad... (TRAIN BUILD THREAD here)



____Reef Junkie____ BRS BoD
Screen Name - @Arsalan

Current BRS Position - BoD

Real Name - Arsalan


Why I chose my screen name - I tried to get super creative and then I completely failed.

Current Tank Specs - Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XL 525, OEM Red Sea Sump, Royal Exlusiv Bubble King 250 Skimmer, Vectra M1 Pump, 2 Vortech MP40, 2 MP10, 3 Radion XR30 G4, 36w UV Sterilizer, Neptune Apex Controller, Doser, Trident, ATO, GEO Calcium Reactor, GFO, Bio Pellets and Carbon reactors.

Link to Build Thread - Loading...

Area of Strength in the hobby - Continuous learning, builds and DIYs, automations, frying Apex components, ignoring Apex alerts, plumbing, collecting reef supplies, "setting up another tank".

Years in the hobby - I got my first fresh water tank when I was like 6, and graduated to reef tanks in 2014. I've setup up multiple tanks since then including a 210g that was plumbed through the house with a basement sump, lots of lessons learned and still counting.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reef keeping - I have too many to pick from, so I'll mention the top 3; I love mountain biking and try to get on a bike daily. I live close to Middlesex Fells so I ride often. The next 2 hobbies go hand in hand, I love traveling and Scuba diving. Most of my trips are planned solely around diving, and some time gets topside.



Current Tank Photo - (Or Video! - Live webcam)

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BRS Member
Screen Name - @tkyee98

Current BRS Position - Gate Keeper of BRS

Real Name - Timothy

Why I chose my screen name - It’s a secret

Current Tank Specs - Tankless except a 25 lagoon, 20 peninsula, Reefer e170, Frag 105.4

Link to Build Thread - work in progress

Area of Strength in the hobby - pooping away money on noodles. Lps and Zoa guy LOL

Years in the hobby - 4 days of 2023

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reef keeping - I need friends

Current Tank Photo - see attachment below I can’t figure out interwebs.


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