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Discussion in 'Reef Talk' started by afboundguy, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. afboundguy

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    Wondering if anyone is running an AI prime setup? I currently have an AI nano setup and was contemplating upgrading the light as it's 3-4 years old which I know isn't a big deal I just like newer fancier things :)
  2. madducks42

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    I'm curious as well. I got a frag tank for Christmas and I'm currently researching lights. We use two AI Hydra 52's for our display tank and I'm thinking of getting an AI prime for the frag tank.
  3. Nixperience

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    I run a prime and a hydra over my tank. I love them.
  4. gzr918

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  5. Puff Daddy

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    I ran a prime and a kessil 160 simultaneously. The prime has a good spectrum and looks good in the tank. I did not like the original mounting bracket that shipped with it. It also collects dust on the fan screen so you have to blow it off from time to time. They will grow coral really well.
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