Bubble coral


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Hi guys need your thoughts. I bought a beautiful healthy green bubble coral. It's been in my tank for a three days. It seems healthy but I'm not sure it is happy? It's constantly open? Tank parameters are normal other corals are happy? Thoughts?

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Wait... you are concerned it is happy and open? Don’t worry about bubbles if they are out. If they receded for more than two-three days then worry. First pic looks like it was trying to eat something.

Maybe try spot feeding it to give you peace of mind.

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Greg Hiller

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The later photos seem good, though I am a little worried about the 1st photo. I have an identical one (I've propagated it several times over the years), and it seems a little unusual to have the mouth open like that. Not sure I can tell you what is wrong (if anything) with it however. I'd just double check the usual parameters, alkalinity, temp, salinity, calcium, magnesium. You could try slowing the water flow for 30 minutes or so and feeding it some chopped up seafood (shrimp, scallops, clam, squid).


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