Greg hillers aqua delight


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I was gonna say!

You need to throw away your ethics and use a little creative photography to get those types of pics. I'm surprised some enterprising young attorney hasn't filed a class action suit against some of these dishonest coral vendors.

Jim Tansey

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In all fairness its pretty easy to misidentify a coral frag over the years and think its one and turns out to be something different, that said "photo enhancements" are pretty common place.



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I saw his frag up on r2r or reefcentral recently. Not sure if that was the same one or how many Greg has names out there

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I believe flyfisherman on BRS is selling frags
I have 2 colonies of hillers aquamarine jewel in my tank. I got the original from the west coast 1.5 yrs ago. It took a little while for the acro to establish itself in my system. the coral is really starting to take off now and has great colors. you can't give the coral enough light.

I can potentially cut one of the colonies. last time I offered, it was 1/4 inch nubs, perhaps i can do bigger now but im not even sure i want to cut it. I just made room for the corals to grow bigger. I might have one nub cut that's been on side of tank not getting much light.