New 180 Gallon SC Aquariums Build


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I haven't used the Cepex, but these seem to be pretty high quality. Far better than the hardware store ones, but I've only had them installed for a couple months. Others that have had them for years could probably chime in.

They are the same as the ones sold at Marine Depot with good reviews.

Is there a difference in quality between Cepex and other true union ball valves at supply

Chris A.

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Just need to let it cure and maybe test run the whole system with freshwater for leaks, that’ll also take some contaminates with it. Add some dechlorinator to the tap water just so you don’t leave any behind


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It took five men to get it on the stand... Did some electrical work... Spent hours trying to figure out how to shim... Added some quarter round (need to redo)... And, started plumbing today.



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The trim is a nice touch to cover the shims! Great idea and craftsmanship.

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A Powder Brown would look real nice in there...
Haha he's still available, would be happy to see him go to your nice set up.
Things are shaping up real nicely. That's a whole lottah wattah in those jugs! I had to have a pool company deliver filtered water to fill mine up.


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I have 4 of those ball valves in my system 2 of them for 2 years ish no leaks, open and close smooth, no complaints. Nice setup that cabinetry looks first class.